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To replace the experience buyers get when visiting a shop, improWEB has developed an integrated online review tool called improREVIEW that can be used by improWEB resellers and distributors, and clients buying from improWEB e-commerce websites.

According to a new study by iProspect and JupiterResearch (April 2007) one in three internet users report their purchase decisions are influenced by sites with social content. The study indicates that positive online reviews influence buyer decisions more than online ads do. "It's human nature”, says Robert Murray, president of iProspect, Boston, ”People trust people.”

What makes the improWEB online product review tool unique is that everyone on the improWEB system benefits from each review. For example, if a reseller places a review on his improWEB e-commerce website, that review will automatically appear on the website of the distributor and all other improWEB resellers’ websites who stock that particular product. This means that improWEB resellers will benefit from all product reviews placed by other resellers, distributors or consumers.

This tool also improves the distributor-reseller relationship since resellers will give good review on distributor’s products because those reviews will also influence their customers to buy the product. Distributors may then also give new products for review to resellers who give positive reviews on a continuous basis. This will boost the sale of the product and thereby increase turnover for both reseller and distributor.

Here is the review as it was placed on the first site by the site owner.

Here is the review on the distributor website.
Here is the review on another reseller website.
This clearly shows how Resellers are working together to promote trust in the products they sell.
This tool helps to:
Gain more clients profitably

Maintain more clients profitably

Retain more clients profitably

More clients profitably
improWEB e-commerce

Please accept my thanks and appreciation for a great up to date, website with current look and feel, functionality and product range. I really like the site now and can now be proud to start marketing again. Please also extend my thanks to the designer who did this and the management. I'm glad I'm part of this team.
Brian - Rzarecters

1 22% of offline sales are influenced by viewing the sellers website
2 customer satisfaction is 12% higher for online sales compared to offline sales
3 44% of all PC's are sold online!

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