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Ever wished that you could sit with your client and create Quotations without revealing your cost price?
To do this you need a few things.
1) The stock levels at the supplier so that you do not sell something you can not get.
2) The correct price. You do not want to under or over charge your clients at any point.
3) You need a way to effectively add a mark-ups to a product. More than one is needed so that you could work in discounts. 
With improQUOTE these tools are given to you so that you can create quotations with confidence knowing that the product is available and that the price is correct.
Creating quotations with improQUOTE is also fast and totally customisable. You only develop one template with our full html editor and then you are good to go. This will make sure that you will get your quotation to prospective buyers first.
By spending less time creating quotations and proposals you can spend more time with your clients and increase your chances to up sell or cross sell.
For the first time it is now possible to have total transparency with your client. This will help you to build a trusting relationship with your clients.
This tool helps to:
Gain more clients profitably

Maintain more clients profitably

Retain more clients profitably

More clients profitably

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Please accept my thanks and appreciation for a great up to date, website with current look and feel, functionality and product range. I really like the site now and can now be proud to start marketing again. Please also extend my thanks to the designer who did this and the management. I'm glad I'm part of this team.
Brian - Rzarecters

1 22% of offline sales are influenced by viewing the sellers website
2 customer satisfaction is 12% higher for online sales compared to offline sales
3 44% of all PC's are sold online!

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