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Our company

improWEB is a professional service and solutions provider using technology and integration to provide comprehensive solutions to clients. The online solutions offered by improWEB are supreme and unrivalled in the South African market which made improWEB the leading web-based solutions company it is today.

Our products

With our dynamic, cutting edge approach our personnel specialise in designing solutions for the distributor-reseller chain. The improWEB solutions are developed to bring real and powerful business benefits to the reseller and the distributor. Our main focus is on integrating the resellers with their distributors, making it easy to get products to their customers and making life as simple, cost effective and maintenance free as possible.

With the improWEB system, even small resellers can have a professional "look" and business operation, with all the tools and infrastructure like professional quotations, invoices, e-commerce websites and many more features that takes minutes to maintain. By spending less time on supplying products, resellers can focus on services and customer relations which is made easy by the improWEB business management tools.

As part of our solution we offer a fully functional easy-to-update e-commerce website with a secure payment gateway and an integrated courier system. Integrated distributors' products are updated automatically by the improWEB solution and specials are easy to maintain.

We also offer a risk-free solution to distributors which enables them to distribute and sell their products more effectively. Our solution can be integrated with any financial system, making it possible to save on labour and time. Distributors have the option of having a fully functioning custom e-commerce website and integrated courier system.

Our values

We at improWEB, emphasise the protection of information regarding the relationship between distributors and resellers. All information shared by resellers or distributors, is treated as confidential at all times. We also strive to be one of the top companies by giving the best solutions and service to our clients.

Our core values are:

  • Creativity - Challenging conventional thinking.
  • Integrity - Remaining trustworthy and sincere.
  • Passion - Living for what we do.
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